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Boar and Oakleaf Tenugui

Boar and Oakleaf Tenugui

$ 28.00


Screenprinted Boar Tenugui

This boar and oakleaf tenugui is the first of my “Favorite Historical Pots” series- a collection of tenugui made in Japan that will feature pots that have influenced my work. This double handled majolica drug jar, made around 1430 in Tuscany by the workshop Giunto di Tugio, was a pot I saw early on on the back cover of a book titled “The Art of Ceramics” by Howard Coutts. This pot inspired me to start drawing animals on my pots! One of about a 1000 pots made in this style (two handled with an oakleaf pattern), these jars were commissioned by the first hospital in Florence, Santa Maria Nuova, whose symbol of green crutches were painted on the handles. Medicinal material would have been stored in them. The boar and jar on this tenugui is my ode to this particular pot made almost 700 years ago. 2019 is the year of the pig/boar in the Chinese/Japanese zodiac so the timing is perfect!

Measures 13"x35"
100% cotton, unfinished ends
Made in Japan

100% cotton Japanese tenugui that may be used as a hand towel, head wrap, gift wrap.

Please note that this is only printed on one side. It will also bleed the first few washes so don't put it in with your whites! Two elements are intentionally upside down- one boar and one jar.