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Care In Packing
I might be most the conservative packer you will ever meet. Because everything I make is one-of-a-kind, I am unwilling to take a chance on it breaking in shipping after all the care I have put into it. I normally charge an additional $6 handling fee for packing materials and labor (included in shipping), but if it is a big order I may need to charge a bit more. For combined orders, I charge $10 because of the extra administrative time.

Work will be shipped out within five business days but often I will get it out within a day or two. I ship work USPS and Fedex.

Packing Material
I use a combination of materials to pack- corrugated cardboard, biodegradable peanuts, the last of my bubble wrap, and recycled bubble wrap. I try to use paper products because they are more eco-friendly, but they're also heavier, driving up shipping costs, and not are able to withstand the weight of pots in a large box, making them more susceptible to breakage. I adjust my strategy, depending on the types of pots, number of pots, and distance to travel. I also often reuse packing material (like styrofoam peanuts) in order to be more eco-friendly. It's not the prettiest solution, but I feel that this is an another approach to sustainability. Local friends collect bubble wrap for me so I try and recycle that into packages too.

International Orders
Please contact me to inquire about rates, as the website is not always accurate. Packing/shipping is not an exact science and because I want a fair transaction for both parties, I reserve the right to adjust the invoice to reflect actual incurred shipping costs if the website has undercharged. If it has overcharged you, I always refund the difference.

If you have a combined order or if the website has overcharged you, I always refund the difference in shipping costs.

At the time of purchase, please let me know if it is a gift, so I can include a note if you would like.

Unfortunately due to the limitations of this small business, no refunds are given at this time, only exchanges within five days of receipt.

Exchanges are accepted within five days of receipt of purchase. Return shipping costs and safe return are the responsibilities of the customer. Contact me for more information regarding exchanges.

How to Care for the Pots
My earthenware work is dishwasher safe, though I recommend a combination of hand washing and the dishwasher, since handmade pots are inherently less durable than industrial. People have been known to put my earthenware pots in the microwave, but it is not recommend it because it is the iron (metal) that is giving the clay its rich red color. This high iron content can crack pots in a microwave. On some pots I leave the animals unglazed to purposefully encourage a patina to develop, visual evidence of the history of the pot. I fire my clay hotter than normal earthenware in order to vitrify the body and make it as durable as possible. 

The porcelain work without decals is fine in both microwave and dishwasher.

Because the shiny silver luster is metallic, do not use in the microwave and avoid the dishwasher because the soap will eventually etch the luster.

The white decals on the porcelain are fine in the microwave, though I'd avoid the dishwasher with any decals because they'll wear down over time.

Terms and Conditions
When you purchase anything from Ayumi Horie Pottery LLC, you agree to hold Ayumi Horie harmless from any loss, damage or injury due to any products purchased from us. Our maximum liability to you is the amount you paid for the item(s) purchased. All items offered on this site are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. Note: We reserve the right to update these policies at any time.

Privacy Policy
Customer Privacy is very important to me. I do not share or sell any information provided to us by our customers.