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Rat and Daikon Tenugui- WILL BE DISCONTINUED

Rat and Daikon Tenugui- WILL BE DISCONTINUED

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Rat and Daikon Tenugui
Favorite Historical Pots #2

This version is being discontinued and will be phased out.

The rat and daikon tenugui is based on a Japanese Edo-era blue and white dish in the Tokyo National Museum. In my drawing, in honor of the Tokyo Olympics , I’ve drawn five variations of the plate in the form of the Olympic rings. My parents were in Tokyo the last time the Olympics were held there in 1964. In this version, the rat hunching is the original, but also the rat sleeps, eats, lifts heavy radishes, and surfs. In a modern high tech twist, the Buddhist jewels are drawn as jewel emojis.

The daikon and rat are often paired and relate to the god Daikoku, the god of Wealth and one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Leader of the zodiac animals because it was the first to reach the Buddha on his deathbed, the Rat is an auspicious symbol in Japan. This tenugui represents prosperity in the broadest possible sense. Wealth, not through the metric of a bank account, but through more abundance in people’s hearts and communities. May you be rich in friends, family, and love. And may you share your prosperity with those in need and may we set policies that are more equitable. 2020 is the year of the Rat. 

This tenugui symbolizes Prosperity.

Measures 13"x35"
100% cotton, unfinished ends
White, light gray, and dark gray
Made in Japan

100% cotton Japanese tenugui that may be used as a hand towel, head wrap, gift wrap.


Please note that this is only printed on one side. It will also bleed the first few washes so don't put it in with your whites! Two elements are intentionally upside down- one boar and one jar.