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Prehistoric Baby Bottle Tenugui- Favorite Historical Pots #4

Prehistoric Baby Bottle Tenugui- Favorite Historical Pots #4

$ 29.00


Prehistoric Baby Bottle
Favorite Historical Pots #4

This baby bottle tenugui features a prehistoric ceramic Bavarian infant feeder from the late Bronze age, circa 1200 BCE, and a modern plastic baby bottle. Ceramic feeders of these types can be found as far back as 7000 BCE and have recently been discovered to have contained ruminant milk. Some hypotheses are that feeding babies with milk from domesticated animals freed up women to do other kinds of labor (surprise, surprise) and that weaning babies leads to increased fertility  and a population boom. The golden color references the golden color of colostrum, the nutrient-rich milk produced immediately after giving birth. 

In this tenugui, we have a mama cow running this way and that in sneakers, trying to get all that needs to be done in a day, done! This tenugui is a celebration of motherhood.

Measures 13"x35"

100% cotton, unfinished ends

Made in Japan


100% cotton Japanese tenugui that may be used as a hand towel, head wrap, gift wrap.

Please note that this is only printed on one side. It will also bleed the first few washes so don't put it in with your whites!