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Lucky Octopus Tenugui

Lucky Octopus Tenugui

$ 28.00


Screenprinted Lucky Octopus Tenugui

This Lucky Octopus Tenugui is the third of my “Favorite Historical Pots” series- a collection of tenugui made in Japan that will feature pots that have influenced my work. The first is the Boar and Oakleaf, the second is the Rat and Daikon.

This Minoan flask made between 1500-1450 BCE on Crete has influenced generations of ceramic artists, me included. The way in which the tentacles reach into every space and the way in which every inch of negative space is filled with another image- a shell, a rock, some seaweed, speak to the exuberance of the potter and a culture that revered the sea.

My octopus sports a hachimaki, a tenugui style often used in festivals in Japan. Hachimaki is also a pun because hachi can also be translated as "eight". Eight is a particularly lucky number in Japan, so I intentionally created 8 octopuses and 8 each  of three kinds of anthropmorphized seaweed. 

Measures 13"x35"
100% cotton, unfinished ends
Made in Japan

100% cotton Japanese tenugui that may be used as a hand towel, head wrap, gift wrap.

Please note that this is only printed on one side. It will also bleed the first few washes so don't put it in with your whites!