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Menbachi Bozu Yokai Tenugui

Menbachi Bozu Yokai Tenugui

Menbachi Bozu Yokai Tenugui

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Menbachi Bozu Yokai Tenugui

100% cotton Japanese tenugui that may be used as a hand towel, head wrap, gift wrap. Made in Japan using the traditional chusen technique and is absorbent and soft. May bleed slightly so please wash in cold separately. 

Measures 35mm x 90mm or 13" x 35"
Made in Japan

This tenugui will bleed the first few washes so don't put it in with your whites! 

Read more about Menbachi Bozu in this blog post.

In the grand tradition Japanese yōkai, or monster/supernatural creature, I created Menbachi Bozu (Noodle Bowl Boy) to explain how warpage and breakage happens in the pottery studio. After all, mistakes couldn’t possibly be the fault of the artist! No matter the care taken when making pots, something (big or small) is bound to go wrong in every batch. Fabricating a superstitious explanation seemed to me a great excuse for imagining a pottery sprite and troublemaker in the studio. While we often see “kiln gods” on kilns to bless a firing, we never see the darker side of what happens in a pottery studio.  With arms and legs, they run around wreaking havoc. Menbachi Bozu warps and breaks pots as he goes.